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San Diego Football Academy
Exsisto optimus ut vos can exsisto. | Be the best you can be.

At SDFA we see ourselves as not just a club, but also a family who all share the same passion: football. Since we were founded in 2010, San Diego Football Academy has coached and assisted hundreds of the most talented footballers in the San Diego region. A lot of players have continued their careers into college level – here are some featured players we have helped develop.

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J Tousley  Jacqui Tousley – Knox College [Illinois]

kenzie_broton-web Kenzie Broton – Cal Baptist University

to5xwmfnawlmf9ev  Sam Horton – UC Santa Cruz

Arvidson College photo  Josh Arvidson – Elmhurst College [Illinois]

Brady Seitz Haverford  Brady Seitz – Haverford College [Pennsylvania]

Colin Seitz Haverford  Colin Seitz – Haverford College [Pennsylvania]

Tate Becker GoucherTate Becker – Goucher College [Baltimore]

Max Abramson   Max Abramson – Macalester College [Minnesota]

Isaac Bwayo  Isaac Bwayo – Heidelberg [Ohio]

Eric Dixon  Eric Dixon – Holy Cross [Massachusetts]