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San Diego Football Academy
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Make a Lasting Impact on SDFA Home Fields :: Donate Now >>

San Diego Football Academy teams play year-round and require quality fields for practices and games. In our attempt to improve the overall experience at SDFA fields, we are offering an opportunity to make a donation to our Field Improvement Fund. All funds will go directly to field improvements and maintenance. Our goal is to raise an incremental $15,000 before December 31, 2014 to continue to improve fields 1,2 and 3 renovations, as well as the side training field at SDFA’s home field location of Mesa Verde Middle School.


Field Improvement Costs

  • Field Prep: $3,000
  • Seed: $3,500
  • Sprinklers: $1,100
  • Soil: $5,000
  • Maintenance: $2,400

Total Cost: $15,000


You can make a one-time donation of any amount or an on-going, monthly donation.

You can also donate vehicle, boat, property or stocks.

Suggested donation is at least $35 per player. To make your donation online, please select the following Donation Button.

You can also consider one of our Elite Sponsorship Packages for your business. Learn more about our Sponsorship Packages.

Funds Raised As Of May 29th


All donations are tax deductible.