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San Diego Football Academy
Exsisto optimus ut vos can exsisto. | Be the best you can be.

San Diego Football Academy is a community-based soccer program committed to providing a family oriented and safe atmosphere for soccer players and their parents. Our goal is to develop soccer players at the recreational and competitive levels by placing an emphasis on technical skills, good sportsmanship, community involvement and excellence both on and off the soccer field.

Under the leadership of our Director of Coaching, Johnson Asiedu, the club has one of the most experienced, brightest and most ambitious coaching staff in the San Diego area. The coaching staff bring extensive international experience and are guided by the SDFA blueprint for training and coaching.

At SDFA, whether you are a so-called “A” team or “B” team, the training and practice methods are almost the same to develop each player to be the best that they can be.

Why Are We An Academy?

At San Diego Football Academy, we believe our soccer (football) program is not just a club but an institution devoted to the development of the “total player.” The “total player” refers to players who are technically, academically, tactically, physically and socially trained and developed.

Technical development of our players is a central part of our training at SDFA, as it enables our players to cultivate a love for the game of soccer and enjoy playing it to have the optimum soccer experience. In order to achieve this, we have established the SDFA way of coaching and training.

The SDFA Way Of Player Development

Age Goals & Objectives Process
5-7 years Ball is the target
Learn to control the ball
Skillful exercises and drills
7-12 years Ball is central to practices
Basic principles of soccer
Technical development and tactical
awareness of the player
12-16 years Game is central to practices
Game maturity
Team tasks/roles (positions)
16-18 years Game is target
Competition maturity
Game coaching, tactical adaptation
in the game, analyzing the game
18 years Competition is target
Optimum maturity
Specialization or multifunctional

Physical Training

All SDFA teams receive training from our physical training coach who coaches players in plyometrics, coordination, agility and core training.

Academic Support

As part of our commitment to developing the total player, we offer a tutoring club twice a week to assist players in their academic pursuits. Our parent and student (college) volunteers provide tutoring and academic support to players before or after practice sessions.

Social Development

At SDFA we believe our players should be the best off the field as well as on the field; therefore, we communicate with players, parents and others frequently to promote the social awareness and cognition of our players. Players are expected to adhere to the guidelines for conduct and behavior as set forth in the SDFA player handbook both on and off the field.