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San Diego Football Academy
Exsisto optimus ut vos can exsisto. | Be the best you can be.

Field Regulations

  • No driving on SDFA fields
  • No pets allowed on SDFA fields
  • No smoking allowed on SDFA fields
  • No littering permitted on SDFA fields
  • Police fields after games and practices; make sure all trash is emptied into the trash receptacles

All SDFA teams are responsible for enforcing these rules among their members, visitors and opponents.

Mesa Verde Middle School

8375 Entreken Way
San Diego, CA 92129

Field Capacity Status
Mesa Verde 1 11v11 Open
Mesa Verde 2 8v8 Open
Home field: Mesa Verde 3 11v11 Open

Find out how you can help improve the SDFA Home Fields at Mesa Verde Middle School. Visit the Field Improvement Project.

Ericson Elementary

11174 Westonhill Drive
San Diego, CA 92126

Field Capacity Status
Ericson 1 8v8 Open
Ericson 2 11v11 Open

Mt. Carmel High School

9550 Carmel Mountain Road

San Diego, CA 92129

Field Capacity Status
Mt. Carmel 1 (Stadium) 11v11 Open
Mt. Carmel 2 (Grass- lower) 11v11 Open
Mt. Carmel 3 (Grass- upper) 8v8 Open